Book your transfer to the beach you of your choice. Nearby beaches around Bosa are about 4-10 Kilometers away and take between 10-15 minutes drive to get there. You can agree on your individual pick up time with the driver. It is recommended to plan your transfer to the beach ahead so to guarantee availability for your requested times.

Nearby beaches to book a beach shuttle around Bosa:

S’Abba Druche Beach

S'abba druche beach Sardinia

The sandy beaches of S’Abba Druche beach are divided into small bays. So it is your choice where you want to spend your day. If you like more privacy just take one of the smaller bays more to the left (south). You can also decide on a walk around the stone plateau. It fills up with water in some places when there is high tide and traps little fishes. It feels like wandering around small aquariums. S’Abba Druche beach is also the perfect beach for collecting shells and discovering other small sea creatures. Getting hungry during lunch time? They have pizza and various dishes at the ‘Pizzeria’. Enjoy your meal with a spectacular sea view.

Standard Price per trip 10,- € (1-7 passengers)  Book now 

Cumpoltitu beach

Cumpoltitu beach Sardinia

A small cosy bay, protected from wind and eye sight, Cumpoltitu is a lovely beach to get away from the trouble on the larger beaches. Here you can relax even during winter months as the bay heats up quickly on sunny days even in February. On your way down keep right and be careful the path is partly steep and stony. We recommend not to walk here after rainfalls since it gets really slippery. Once you arrive at the beach you can enjoy an almost private atmosphere with crystal clear turquoise water.

Standard Price per trip 15,- € (1-7 passengers) Book now 

Porto Alabe Beach

Porto Alabe beach

Like an endless pearl chain the bays and beaches of Porto Alabe line up one after another. It is a more open beach front, perfect if you like big waves or fishing. Finding a calm spot to place your blanket and enjoy the sun and the sea is easy here. With some Pizzeria or Restaurant in the small village of Porto Alabe you can feed the little hunger around lunch. Or stay until sunset and enjoy the 180 degree view.

Standard Price per trip 20,- € (1-7 passengers) Book now